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We know it can be hard to summon inspiration. Learn more about it here. There are 5 key milestones in every novel, and for short stories, there are typically 4 due to word count and lack of longevity in general. The difference between writing a novel and writing a short story is the fact that your short story introduction has to be short, snappy, and filled with intrigue. That is the inciting incident for both the first book and the whole of the war for the iron throne. For a short story, this can range from your character losing all the money they had to get home to the death of their loved one.

You know what the story climax is. Oftentimes, authors choose this time to provide readers with an unexpected twist. The falling action, otherwise known as the resolution, comes directly after and is how you end your story. Chancellor 6. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. An informative and helpful tutorial. I often get an idea about how to start a short story. I write without having any idea which direction the short story will go nor how the story will end.

At this stage, I don't much care about grammar. I just want to put my idea in written words and see if the idea is worth expanding on.

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Thank you for writing about this! I am always on the lookout for good writing exercises but rarely find anything worth trying out because they're usually poorly organized prompts outside my usual genre or writing style. What I am always looking for is something to open up my creativity, and this exercise appears to be exactly what I am looking for. Thank you, again.

55 Creative Writing Story Starters

Can't wait to try it! Wow I loved reading your hub. What a wise teacher! If I ever have to give people an idea for creative writing, I will use your teachers suggestion. Its amazing how our minds will draw from our lives experiences.


After all we ourselves do create the reality we perceive every day by the very thoughts, dreams and beliefs we hold dear. Thank you for sharing. I can see how the mind can be expanded with the necessity of drawing an object, especially for people like me who have trouble drawing anything more than stick figures. I enjoyed reading how this exercise transformed a few seemingly innocent items into a grand story idea. Excellent idea for freeing the mind. I like the thought of pairing drawing with writing as a prompt. Your English teacher gave you a gift that will be useful all of your wiring career.

Thanks for sharing it with us. Great ideas, Sherri. Very useful for those who write short fiction and have stumbled with writer's block. Voted up! An interesting read. First I thought you were supposed to write a story connecting all the objects in someway! Very interesting idea and definitely one which I should give a go.

I have had so much hardship in the past when it has come to generating good ideas for short stories and such and am keen to try this method out. Your hub brought me back to the days when I use to give drawing classes in the evening. I gave an eight week course on how to learn to see. You have greatly inspired me to look up the notes I wrote twenty years back, if I can still find them! Glad to have found this hub. I don't have to tell you how useful, creative, interesting, and valuable this hub is I think everyone else has already done that. I think it is wonderful that your teacher created this exercise and that it made such a lasting impression because of the wonderful results.

There isn't a writer among us who couldn't benefit from trying exactly what you've written! Sally, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this hub. Your teacher was wise and knew exactly what to pull from you. What a great exercise. I also see a great meditation exercise within this example of collecting thoughts and drawing and writing.

I appreciate you for sharing this with us. I think I will give this a try. It sounds like exactly what I need from time to time. Well done! That Grrl, I'm glad you found this article useful and worthy of sharing. This is an old exercise that I learned many years ago, and since writing this hub I've been surprised to hear from so many writers that it's new to them.

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Thank you for your good words! You may be under a blanket of snow, but it's amazing what you might find within your house. Maybe this is an opportunity to take an indoor walk. What flows from that can be enormously revealing. Wonderful Hub!

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This may be something to help me with my creative writing. Right now I may not find much as we are under a blanket of snow, but perhaps a walk will tell me different. I will be bookmarking this Hub for future reference. Thank you for the great ideas. Your teacher was a wise man. Brilliant exercise, thank your for this.

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I love writing but I never studied it. This is great teaching and so much inspiration. I am going to put it in practice. Although I have tried to be creative in my own way in writing few short stories already published on Hubpages I find your hints very interesting and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experience and wish you a very happy new year. So interesting--inspiring, helpful, well-doneā€¦ Thanks for sharing your experience and what you learned in this how to generate short stories hub. Definitely worth returning to soon! Tricia, love your comment!

It's already tomorrow, as I read your comment. Hope you had that walk and collected things to inspire.

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Great idea I have a similar experience , although my inspired teacher was a poetry teacher! Teacher with Passion was inspired by him. Visualisation or tangible objects are great writing exercises. I think I may go for a walk tomorrow. Aubrey, what a great comment, meaning it touches me in a very personal way.

I don't write short stories, nor novels. I don't write fiction. However, this exercise has helped me so many times and in so many ways to look at expository writing from different viewpoints. I think it's a great exercise for any writer who wants to write anything. My goal as a writer is to give readers information useful to them. This exercise, for me, is about exploration.

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Every time I use it, I learn something new about how I see the world, and that is the juice that fires my ability to look into the ways others see the world. Thanks so much for your input. This is an awesome article, definitely a cool exercise. While I don't really write short stories, I'm sure this'll work for a novel idea as well.